All4Labels benefits from EkoCure Dual Cure ink switch

Global labels and packaging group All4Labels has been reaping the benefits of the recent switch to Flint Group’s EkoCure Dual Cure ink technology, observing reduced energy usage needed to run its curing stations, as well as reduced emissions and waste.

Flint Group is supporting All4Labels in improving its production processes during the transition to UV LED printing, with ongoing technical assistance and specialized training enabling the company to leverage the advantages of LED ink systems fully.

All4Labels is also trialling Flint Group’s Evolution product range, which includes a deinking primer and caustic-resistant overprint varnish, to see how these solutions can improve the recyclability of PET bottles, shrink sleeves and pressure-sensitive labels.

Gabriela Neves, All4Labels vice president of global R&D and sustainability, said: ‘At All4Labels, we have driven a transformation towards eco-conscious printing in our products and production processes.

‘With Flint Group’s support, this has included the introduction of UV LED curing systems using EkoCure Dual Cure, helping to reduce our power consumption and emissions. Through this collaboration, we have optimized our production processes to be more efficient, use less material and reduce waste.’

Mirko Müller, global key account director at Flint Group, added: ‘Our strategic collaboration with All4Labels is a fantastic showcase of what can be achieved when two forward-thinking companies come together.

‘Our cooperation is not just based on products; it is about building a collaborative environment that encourages new ideas. We have adapted our services to fit the specific needs of All4Labels. This has increased efficiency and a lower environmental footprint for both companies.’

Flint Group’s EkoCure Dual Cure ink technology can be cured under UV and UV LED light, enabling printers to use one ink across all presses while transitioning to full UV LED printing.

The technology, introduced to the global market at Labelexpo 2023, is designed to help converters adopt more energy-efficient processes at a pace that suits their business, as UV LED lamps require significantly less power to run than traditional Mercury UV lamps.

All4Labels’ use of EkoCure Dual Cure and the Evolution series is part of a broader strategy to reduce CO2 output by 2,000 tons per year by switching to LED curing.

The business aims to be entirely carbon neutral for scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2025.

Müller added: ‘The printing supply chain has embraced innovation to reduce its environmental impact, from waste reduction to energy and resource efficiency. At the same time, narrow web printers cannot afford to compromise on speed, volume and quality.

‘That is why the narrow web printing industry has begun the full-scale transition towards low-energy UV LED curing lamps. Supported by technology like EkoCure Dual Cure, LED curing is helping converters worldwide reduce power consumption, boost print quality consistency and improve their throughput times.

‘We are incredibly proud of our role in contributing to All4Label’s vision to lead in the sector. To provide this level of support, we consistently update our range of products, from advanced inks to more sustainable ink and coating solutions. This ensures that we are constantly driving forward and setting higher standards for the industry.

‘We are more than just a supplier; we are a partner committed to fostering innovation, driving optimization, and enabling success for both parties. This cooperative relationship is a model for excellence in our industry.’