In conversation with Jaime Yoshiyama, general manager, Kuresa S.A

A look to the future of label converting

Jaime Yoshiyama, general manager at Kuresa, one of Peru’s leading label converters, will speak at the upcoming conference at Label Summit Latin America 2024. Here, he offers a taste of what will be covered in his session…

Question: Welcome Jaime, it’s great to have you speak on a panel discussion at the Label Academy-hosted Label Summit Latin America! Tell us a bit about what this debate can expect to cover…

JY: I’m interested in sharing experiences with colleagues on the panel, as they represent the most successful converters in the region. I am very curious to know the success stories of companies similar to ours, and to learn from Latin American entrepreneurs. Due to the political and social climate in which we live, I greatly admire the perseverance and resilience of Latam’s great businessmen.

I also want to expand my knowledge of the challenges and opportunities that exist with converters in the different countries of the continent and establish potential commercial and/or technological alliances with clients in leading companies in the region.

Question: What are some of the key differences between Peru’s package printing industry and other parts of the region?

JY: There are many differences between Peru and more advanced countries in the region when it comes to the package printing industry. Clearly, the most obvious are the size of the market, the technologies and capabilities available, government regulations, and the ecosystems that have developed around the industry.

Some less obvious are the availability and cost of qualified labor, the proximity to sources of raw materials, and the business opportunities that exist in developing countries.

Question: Where do you see are the biggest growth areas for package printing converters to invest in over the next five years in Latin America?

JY: Without doubt, in digital printing technology. Complementing the offering of conventional machines with digital or even hybrid technology will be a strategy adopted by regional companies in our industry. Automation in finishing and inspection processes will also be key.

Question: Where are the key areas for growth for Kuresa at the moment and the next few years?

JY: Kuresa has recently increased its digital machinery suite, adding a TAU RSC printing machine, with UV ink jet ink to its range of printing machinery.

This new printer has a 330mm wide web with 7 colors, printing at a resolution of 1200 DPI. It runs at 80m/minute, and 52m/minute when printing white. It can print both short and long runs at high speed and with excellent quality. It will increase the options we can offer our customers, as well as allowing us to reach new end-user markets and produce new products.

Question: What are some of the steps that label converters in Latin America can take to make their business more financially viable?

JY: It is important to efficiently reduce inventory levels of self-adhesive materials and inks, so as to not have a lot of capital tied up or pay excess financial expenses. This is due to the increased capital costs for some years now, especially in the region.

Question: What are you most looking forward to seeing at Label Summit Latin America 2024?

JY: I hope to be able to get up to speed on the new developments in raw materials and machinery for self-adhesive label printing. On a personal level, to meet again with colleagues and friends from the industry, since this will be the first industry event I have participated in for a number of years, due to the covid-19 pandemic.

See Jaimie and his co-panelists discuss “Pan-regional growth opportunities for the label converter” from 12.30 – 13.15 on 13 March 2024. For the full program, visit here

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